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Monetize your mobile traffic !

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Earn money with your mobile traffic

Give a new look to your mobile bussiness !

Carpe Diem is pleased to announce the opening of its section dedicated exclusively to monetize your Mobile traffic. With MobileRevenu you will enjoy a better offer and comprehensive 24/7 real-time statistics. A new platform is born!

Do you already have an account on Carpe Diem, Eurodialer ?

Use your existing account to connect on the MobileRevenu platform!
Switch in one click from a platform to the other: from statsv3 to MobileRevenu, at your convenience. You will find detailed real-time statistics in your MobileRevenu stats panel !

Carpe Diem / Eurodialer, MobileRevenu

The mobile market is booming !

MobileRevenu offers its flagship mobile detection script in four versions, with personal assistance for its integration:

  • php
  • javascript
  • .htacces
  • wordpress plugin

MobileRevenu is also assisting you to build your own mobile site: we offer you, in your admin panel, free video content in mp4 format. You will also find tips and tricks to develop your mobile sites.

Our advantages ?

  • Strong Knowledge of operators billing

    The customer is charged directly on his phone bill. The payment is simple, effective and compelling.

  • Secondary payment methods

    Customers not using operators networks, called “Offportal” clients, can buy trough SMS+, direct operator billing, audiotel numbers or credit card.

  • Sites optimized for all devices

    The niche site where the customer is redirected is always perfectly adapted to its terminal for maximum conversion (image size, technical features, click rates, conversion).

  • Life-time earnings on every purchase